Monday, November 5, 2012

Lead Free Brass Solenoid Valve with Manual Override

Features of the LN22950 Lead Free Brass Solenoid Valve, include an easily activated "Manual Override" lever switch on the valve. The valve was recently Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G.  When power is activated the Normally Closed, (NC), Solenoid Valve remains open providing full flow of water.  During a power outage the Solenoid Valve immediately shuts off the flow of water ensuring that the dwelling will not experience an unwanted water event.  Turning the "Manual Override" lever switch restores the flow of water through the Lead Free Solenoid Valve for normal water usage.  When power is restored the "Manual Override" lever switch should be returned to the previous position for remote automatic activation. The LF22950 Lead Free Solenoid Valve is the "Heart" of the FLO n STOP TM Wireless Water Shut Off System. The FLO n STOP TM System is designed  to automatically prevent catastrophic household water damage to Real and Personal Property in both single family and condominium dwellings.

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