Friday, August 31, 2007

Who wants to live with this?

Mold, mold, mold from water damage...don't let it happen to you....get Flo-n-Stop.

Great Product!

"I have had FLO n STOP System in my apt. for over 3 years and it has worked out really well. I live on the sixth floor of our building. The On/Off buttons are conveniently installed on a small pad next to my door. So each time I leave, I push the Off button and all my water is off. I do this even if I go down to the lobby to pick up my mail. It has become a habit to automatically do. It's a good feeling to know that my apartment is safe from any water problem while I'm away. So many apartments in our complex have had tremendous water damage from bursting pipes and ruptured hoses. Water has leaked from top floors damaging 15 or more apartments at one time. Fortunately, they have been cleaned up before mold set in the walls.

Several years ago, my next door neighbor had a water leak that wasn't discovered for 5 or 6 hours, and the damage spread all the way down to our lobby. The Lobby furniture had to be replaced, the ceiling came down and the electrical wiring was ruined along with the lights. You can't imagine what damage can occur until you have had this experience.

When coming back into the apartment, I just push the On Button, and all water is restored. A great idea for anyone that is looking to have an easy way to turn their water on and off.

Thank you for making such a unique product available."